Monday, August 25, 2008

Things that cut into my yarn budget: The Dentist. Again. (and some other stuff.)

I really, really, really thought today would be my last dentist appointment until I get another exam six months from now.

But nooooo. It's been so long since the I first started that I've developed two brand new cavities. Crap!

So this time I'm really going to get serious about flossing. I hope. Soon I'm going to run out of teeth to drill.

The cleaning wasn't that bad, but my gums are sore. But then again, they were poking them with sharp things. Also, I had a discussion about the unpleasant scraping sound the dentist's hook against your teeth with Lyndsey and her family on Sunday, and that didn't help.

This next round will be October 1, and will cost $89. They kept talking about "downgrading" my fillings, and I finally got an explanation. Apparently my dental insurance, through the bastards at Cigna, will only cover silver amalgam fillings in the back of my teeth, not the white composite ones. The white ones are considered "cosmetic" if they are in the back of your mouth. The problem is my dentist, and just about every other dentist in the country, doesn't use silver amalgam fillings anymore. It's a racket.

The good news is that I finally got my $600 stimulus rebate. It's only two months late. It's going straight into my ING savings account as soon as it hits my bank account.

(BTW - The ING account is a great deal. It's gotten some great reviews. I can give out a referral code to anyone is interested for a bonus when you sign up. If you are interested, e-mail me.)

Also, the Rainbow Bright Lunchbox went for $31 last night. I put it in the mail this evening. My next project will be more difficult. It's the Playskool Village Blocks playset. It will be harder to ship, and some of the stickers came off. Still, I think it may sell.

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Chris said...

Hi! I did a search on "Playskool Village" on Google and your blog came up. I am so interested in it. Have you sold it yet? Please contact me if you can. My e-mail is Thanks so much!