Thursday, August 28, 2008

FO: Wickerware Socks

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These socks have been a long time coming.

I've had to rip back several times. I screwed up the stitch pattern more than once, messed up one of heels and somehow did the Kitchener Stitch backwards. And those are just the mistakes I remember. The pattern isn't hard as far as sock patterns go, but these socks lost their "mojo" at times.

To recap, this is the Wickerware Socks pattern. The pattern calls for two sizes of needles, a smaller size for the ribbing and a larger size for the rest of the sock. I used US Size 0 and US Size 00 dpns from my Susan Bates Sock Needle Set

The yarn is Austermann Step in colorway 04. This yarn is infused with jojoba and aloe vera to make it extra soft. The jojoba and aloe vera are supposed to last for 40 washings. The recipient is diabetic, and I thought the aloe vera would be good for his feet. These socks are "man socks" so they took almost all of the ball, although I probably have enough left for a pair of baby socks.

This is a Christmas gift for a male relative. It feels good to get these done.

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