Monday, September 3, 2007

WIPs and stuff

I'm behind on my blogging, so I'm just going to start with some WIPs.

I've been both inspired and overwhelmed by Stash and Burn's One Skein contest. I have so many ideas and I'm debating how to match them up with yarn. I started to cast on Calorimetry in Artful Yarns Fable, then decided the cotton silk blend was a) not stretchy enough for this pattern and b) too nice for a headband. So now I'm debating what do with the yarn and what to use for Calorimetry.

I went back and forth on the bits of Dancing Fibers Serendipity leftover from my Mardi Gras scarf. It ended up being itchier than expected, so I decided felting was the best choice. I finally settled on the basic potholder, thinking that there wasn't enough for a set of four coasters. I think I was wrong. I still have some yarn left.

I also had debates about my Bernat Galaxy, and finally decided to use one of the skeins for a simple garter stitch scarf to see how it knits up, then use the other skein for something more creative. It's nicer than I expected. Too bad it's discontinued. Actually, it's probably a good thing, because then I'd buy more, and then wonder what to do with it all over again.

Someone on Ravelry called the scarf she made out of it a Snot Scarf, and I'm trying not think of it that way. But in this colorway, it looks even more "snotty." What do you think?

The scarf was also a good chance to pull out the Knit Lite needles Mom and Dad gave me last Christmas.

Now I want to go to the movies and see how well they really work.It's not like you can see your entire project in the dark, but if it's the type of this that you can almost do by feel (like a garter stitch scarf,) you can manage in the dark. It's also good for novelty yarns, as a way to see through fuzzy yarn.

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