Sunday, September 16, 2007

Blog Bits Saturday Sunday


Certifiably Loopy lists schools with fiber arts programs. (No pressure or anything.)

The Red Scarf Project is earlier this year. More details are here.

Shut Up, I'm Counting finished her Treasury Shawl.

Persistent Illusion searches for the perfect heal, and muses on the philosophy of frogging. She also does major surgery on a cable.

Knitgrrl announces some knitting books that are going audio.

Needles and Things reviews "Join As You Go Afghans" and makes earwarmers.

Yarn Harlot has credit card problems, finds the perfect jacket kit, knits a whole bunch of it, discusses sock speed and finishes some famous socks.

Girl on the Rocks warned of the Octopus Revolution. She's also been weaving and looking at some "interesting" weaving patterns.

Empty Nest Knitter stocks a whole lot of Cascade 220. The store is open, but the grand opening isn't until next week.

I'm excited about Wendy Knits' new socks.

Knit and Tonic on painful knitting and guitar players who play with their toes.

The Sweet Sheep is giving out free yarn to some lucky "Run for the Cure" donor.

Knitspot gets ready for Christmas with some socks.

f. pea puts up the pattern for the Cris, the star-nosed mole. Next comes the Neuse River Waterdog.

The J-Walk Blog, a non-knitting blog, features a crocheted hat.

Amy Singer got the new Knitty up. And many of the designers are finally able to post their creations on their blogs:

-Knitspot on Totally Autumn
-Mochimochi on Woodins
-Sock Pr0n on Q (and a new contest.)
-Cosmicpluto on Roam (and an extensive list of yarn substitutions.)

Thank God she extended the deadline. Now back to work.

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