Friday, September 7, 2007

FO: Rubber Vomit Moebius

When life, gives you lemons, make a moebius.

I was going to turn a lone skein of Bernat Galaxy into a skinny scarf for the Stash and Burn One Skein Contest. However, if I really wanted a scarf of a decent length, I should have cast on 12 stitches, not 15. It still may have not been long enough anyway.

So Wednesday night when I was at Bluebonnet, I ran out of yarn. I wasn't about to frog this thing. There is just enough mohair to make that nearly impossible. I figured I had two options, either find another yarn to add onto one or both ends, or make a moebius. After consulting some other knitters, decided to go with moebius.

The lumpy yarn made sewing it pretty difficult. I didn't have my Chibis, so I decided to wait until I got home. Of course, tonight when I wanted to sew it up, I couldn't find them, so I grabbed a large plastic tapestry needle from my Knifty Knitter. And then, not long after my finished, I was rummaging around on my end table and found the Chibis.

Like I said, sewing it up was a bit hard, but I managed to get the lumps of fiber through.

I consulted with Jules about the whole "snot scarf" thing, and he said he thinks it looks more like rubber vomit. I think that is more accurate and less disturbing (after all, it is fake vomit.) So I renamed it.

The last time I took my picture in the mirror, I don't recall it being so I hard. I took several creepy looking pictures. I think this one is the most disturbing.

I used one skein of Bernat Galaxy in "Neptune" and size nine needles. The whole thing is garter stitch. It's not the cool Cat Bordhi moebius like this one or this one. It's just the traditional strip, twisted and sewn.

I haven't decided what to do with it yet. It will either be a Christmas gift or sold on Etsy. Despite the rubber vomit jokes, it is a nice yarn.

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