Saturday, September 29, 2007

Blog Bits Saturday

It's Saturday afternoon, do you know why the pictures in my last post aren't showing up?

Yarn Harlor makes a final stop in Washington DC before heading home. Then she offers up some Crazy Pie before letting a guest blogger take over while she finished her book. (And I will look for ways to use the term "crazy pie" in every aspect of my life.)

The Sweet Sheep is on schedule for her Rhinebeck sweater. Progress here and here.

The Ninjabun pattern is up at Mochimochi.

Yarnivation gears up for Sock Wars II.

Knitty Calendar Contest winners have been notified, but, to my knowledge, not posted. (I wasn't one of them.)

Grumperina finds dpns in weird places.

Knit and Tonic wears out her socks and posts her Knitter's Blotter.

I actually like the rat scarf that Rose-Kim Knits posted. So sue me. (Not so much the wrap that seems to be made from actual rats.)

Empty Nest Knitter moved the shop's grand opening to October 13 and discusses a possible logo-naming contest.

Cosmicpluto shows us what undyed Noro Silk Garden looks like.

Finally, from the non-knitting Advertising is Good For You, the rumors are true (or else Jo-Ann has bad intel.)

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