Saturday, September 8, 2007

Blog Bits Saturday

It's almost midnight. Do you know where your yarn is?

Rose-Kim Knits uses up some old sock yarn.

Hill Country Yarns sent out its first shipment for the sock club.

Yarn and Order remembers her dear grandmother's knitting.

Yarn Harlot has a version of "contract demands" (in a manner of speaking) and almost looses a sock.

Knit and Tonic debates gifting her "losers." (I say go for it, considering how picky she is. Most people wouldn't consider most of these losers.)

There is new yarn for sale from Barbe Saint John.

Persistent Illusion shows us how to use her magic cast-on to start small circles.

There is a pattern for a beautiful lace stole at Knitspot.

In another type of awesome, Mochimochi knits "Rainbow Busters." That is true creativity.

Finally, Yarn Pirate is having a boy.

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Saints and Sinners said...

Thanks for blogging about me!!! as well as all these other sites for me to check out.