Monday, March 30, 2009

From De-stash to Me-stash

Saturday morning I went to Emily's Destash Sale, and I made a haul.


Here's Emily with the cash box. All the stuff at the sale belonged to her, her Mom and her sister.

I was the only knitter when I came by. Emily said a bunch of knitters came right when they opened at 10. Several other random people swung by while I was there, although I think most of them weren't expecting so much yarn.

Knitting Machine

Let's start with what I didn't buy. I didn't even get a good look at the knitting machine. I didn't want to make Emily pull it out when I knew I couldn't buy it. Besides, it would have been way too tempting. I also passed on the combs, even though they were a good deal. I managed to leave behind some vintage Patons and some wonderfully eighties (maybe seventies) Dazzleaire. Those would have been worth it for the labels alone.

Sock Yarn Bargains

Emily also had some very reasonably priced sock yarn.

Estonian Yarn

I did leave with some of this stuff. I'm not sure exactly what type of yarn this is, but it's from Estonia, apparently. It's kind of scratchy, but the colors were beautiful. When Emily said it was like Kauni, I was sold.

After much debate, I filled my box and left. Here is the yarn I ended up with:

Yarn from the Destash Sale

The yarn on the left is Rellana Luna yarn, a self striping wool/acrylic blend with a Noro feel. The middle yarn is Filanda Supersport, a very practical wool/acrylic blend that will be great for baby knits. On the right is my Estonian yarn, of course.

I got some non-yarn stuff as well, including Ecospun, a fiber made out of old plastic bottles, a shawl pattern and a wonderfully retro copy of Knitter's magazine from 1992. I think the magazine was worth the dollar for this old Lily Chin pattern alone.

And of course, there was this:

Kiddie Loom

A fully functional loom for $2. Of course, it's plastic, designed for kids and missing the accessories and directions. But for $2 I can figure it out.

I can't wait to get weaving!

(All my pictures of the destash sale are here.)

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Suna said...

Glad I was busy--I'd have hauled a lot of Estonian sock yarn out of there. And that is the LAST thing I needed. Whew. Must save money. Job ends in two weeks and not sure if another job is coming.

But, that was some good stuff!