Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hot pads! and potholders - the swap

With the amount of time I've been spending in the kitchen, I've begun to notice my lack of potholders. As much time as I've spent making potholders in the past, I'm embarrassed that I don't have any of my own in my own kitchen. I know I have two that I bought at Big Lots right after I got my first place in Florida. However, they seem to have disappeared. I keep finding myself using kitchen towels.

Now I don't need something as powerful as an Ove Glove, but I can do something more protective than kitchen towels. And something prettier.

So I joined hot pads! and potholders - the swap. You crochet 5 potholders, send them in, and get five different potholders in return. I'll probably crochet 6 and keep one of my own.

I do swaps sparingly, since it's easy to get overwhelmed and spend a lot of money. I'm excited about this one. I'll get something I really need, have a chance to try out new techniques and be able to use up leftover yarn.

I'm also excited because Grumperina of Jaywalker fame has joined the swap. I hope I get one of her potholders.

If you want to join the swap, the deadline is Saturday, March 21. All the details are here.

*I wrote this ahead of time, since I'm going to be busy tonight. Oooo....I'm blogging from the past*

*ETA - Why won't it wait to publish? Oh well. Enjoy,*

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