Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back in the kitchen...

I came home from work today and saw that my boxes had been moved around. At first as was I annoyed. Then I remembered...

...could it be...

My new dishwasher

The Dishwasher Fairy came!

A note from the Dishwasher Fairy

And she left a work order note along with dish soap and rinse agent. Yay!

Of course, with the dishwasher fixed, I decided to save the frozen pizza I was going to make, and use up the eggs and bacon I had in the fridge instead.

Why can't I get bacon right?

I cooked almost an entire package of bacon. Why is bacon so hard to cook? It took a long time to cook. Long enough that I managed to load the dishwasher and get it started before it was done. Some how it was both raw and burnt at the same. Yet it was still delicious.

There's got to be a better way to cook bacon.


After I finally cooked the bacon, I scrambled the 11 eggs I had in the leftover bacon grease. Mmmmmmm......bacon grease.

Breakfast for Dinner

Here's my dinner. Notice the real plate. I have a dishwasher again!

Cooking is still enough of an event for me that I bother blogging about. I think it took me two hours to make this meal, from the time I went into the kitchen until the time I sat down with my breakfast tacos and watched a DVR episode of Important things with Demetri Martin. Granted, I had two "shifts" of bacon to cook, and I had to thaw out the tortillas. This is why I stuck with tv dinners and fast food so long.

But I've saved a lot of money by actually cooking.


Of course, I didn't cook 11 eggs and almost an entire package of bacon for nothing. I froze six leftover tacos for later.

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kasiaiscarly said...

you usually get the burnt/chewy combo if you cook it too hot. try using medium low heat. 30 min to cook a full pound of bacon is about normal :)