Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ravelry Weekend Awesomeness

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Valentine's Day is tough when your significant other is in another state. So I was lucky that I had something to distract me. On Saturday, The Knitting Nest hosted the Ravelry crew, and people came in from all over to celebrate.

Jess, me (Sally) and Casey

Here I am with Jess (left) and Casey (right). They were pretty cool. You can read the story about how they started Ravelry here.

Mary-Heather, me and Jess

And here I am with Mary-Heather, who is the third member of the Ravelry team, and Jess.


Former Austinite Caro of splityarn came back into town for the event.

Valentine's Day Stockings

The guests of honor (and Jess and Casey's dog, Bob) had Valentine's Day Stockings filled with goodies...

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...a banner that everyone signed...

Honorary Texans

...and official status as Honorary Texans. (Sorry for the blurry picture.)

Scarf and Pasties

One group (from out of town, I think) brought special gifts for the guests of honor. A scarf for Casey and pasties for the ladies. This was the best shot I got of all four of them. They were surrounded by people taking pictures. (There's a better picture of Casey's scarf here.)

Door Prize

Of course, there was plenty of stuff for the customers. They gave out door prizes every 15 minutes, and I won the very first one! I got a Cascade beanie bear, a set of US size 8 needles in a very nice wood, and a skein of Cascade Lana D' Oro.

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This was my first trip to The Knitting Nest since right before I went to the hospital, so I saw all sorts of new yarn that I hadn't seen there before. The Malabrigo Sock Yarn was the most popular by far. They had it right at the entrance, so everyone saw it when they came in. Some of the other highlights included Cascade Alpaca Lace, Queensland Collection Haze and Cascade Soft Spun.

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They also had lots of Malabrigo Worsted in "Ravelry Red."

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I finally got my mojo back with Double Knitting. I got going on my Tapestry Cowl again while I was hanging out.

My purchases from The Knitting Nest

Here's the yarn I bought. Jess helped me pick out the Cascade 128 on top. I'm considering it for the Montera coat. I had a hard time deciding which color. I had it down to the purple and an apple green. I asked several people, and Jess said she thought the purple was better.

I also got some Malabrigo Sock in "Impressionist Sky" and a skein of yarn to finish Jules' Gloves.

It was an awesome day.

You can see all of my pictures from the day here. Also, everybody's pictures from the event are on Flickr with the tag "ravelryweekend."

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