Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Much Belated Valentine's Day Post

Valentine's Day was more than a week ago, but I haven't shared my Valentine's Day stuff yet. Neither Jules nor I got our Valentine's Day gifts in the mail until after February 14, so we had to be patient. (Though I did get a very sweet phone call from Jules.)

My Valentine's Gift from Jules

Jules sent Snoopy and the chocolate apple packed in pink packing peanuts with a very sweet card.

Charlie Brown Valentine

There's something very sweet and a little sad about Charlie Brown on this box of chocolates. It's like he's searching for love, but doesn't realize it's right in front of him. (Well, technically it's behind him, but you know what I mean.)

Jules' Photo Album: Cover

This was my gift for Jules. I was really into scrapbooking a few years ago, and I still have a bunch of supplies. I went and dug out some of my old stuff in storage and made Jules a little scrapbook.

Jules' Photo Album: Page 13

Some pages were more creative than others. And I could have done better if I had more time. I'm not that good with straight lines, even with a paper cutter.

Jules' Photo Album: Page 10

This is one of my more creative pages.

Jules' Photo Album: Page 9

I had to include this photo of me eating at Taco Xpress because it is one of his favorites.

Jules' Valentine's Day Gift

I sent the scrapbook along with a bar of Hershey's Extra Dark Chocolate. When he got it, he didn't say anything about the scrapbook. I asked if the pictures got there ok.

He said "What pictures?"

I was lucky he didn't throw out the envelope. I didn't have a smaller envelope, so I had folded a large envelope to get things to fit, and I guess it was easy to miss. Once he found it, he loved it.

You can see all the pictures of my album, along with other Valentine Stuff, here.

Parting Shot

Valentine's Box of Chocolates from Mom

Mom's been getting us the exact some box of Russell's Stover candy for years. But this year, they got hit by the grocery shrink ray. I don't know what they were last year, but they're 7 ounces this year. And the chocolates are awfully far apart.

(To be fair, it didn't come with two missing chocolates. I ate those before I thought to take a picture.)

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