Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's Oiling Time

Spinning Wheel

Tonight is my sleep study, and I'm about to head to South Austin early so I can crack open this box before I go. My spinning wheel has been sitting in a box way too long.

Still in the box

Last weekend I took a closer look, but I was so overwhelmed, I didn't get very far.

But today I went to Woodcraft, as Lyndsey recommended, and I feel much more confident now.

A very helpful employee named Douglas (It was on his wooden name tag) explained the difference between Tung Oil and Danish Oil. Basically, Danish Oil is Tung Oil with coloring in it. Mineral Oil works ok too. Linseed is a good choice, but it's hard to work with because it's gooey. He said Tung Oil is very non-toxic, and that convinced me it was the best choice. He showed me a sample table for a woodworking class that was finished with Tung Oil. It was very nice.

He also said wax would work, but I like the idea of the wood soaking up the oil.

Douglas told me to put the Tung Oil on with an old t-shirt, and give it at least a couple of hours between coats. Three or four coats should do it. (However, I've heard of some people only doing one coat. I think I need some more protection than that.)

I'm so glad I went. I feel much less intimidated. I'm ready to start oiling.

I think I may name my wheel Douglas.

Inspected by "Chris"

While we're talking names, did I mention that "Chris" inspected my wheel? Awesome.

Remember This?

Washing the <span class=

My Entrelac Scarf hasn't made an appearance on my blog since October. But last night I watched Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity while I finished the knitting the end of the scarf. Then I gave it a bath in Eucalan.

The <span class=

The Noro Taiyo bled a little, but not too bad.

Blocking the <span class=

Now it's blocking.

I had been making steady progress on cleaning. I've stalled, but I've maintained what I've done so far. That means I didn't have to block in the closet.

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