Sunday, January 25, 2009

Catching Up

This past week has been kind of rough. Work's been stressful, but there are signs that things are about to get better. I've been tired and frustrated, and not blogging much. It's time to catch up.

In The Kitchen

Applesauce Chicken

Last week I made Applesauce Chicken in the Crockpot. It was good, except for the burnt edges. I think I cooked it too long.

It's taken all week to get all the burnt stuff off the crock. I soaked it over and over with dish soap, then I "cooked" water and vinegar in it twice. Finally, I managed to get the last of it off with a pocket knife this afternoon. All that's left now are a few specks.

Tonight I'm putting together lasagna for tomorrow night.

My dishwasher is broken again. The good news is that the apartment is going to replace it. The bad news is that I have to wait another week before they put it in, and the standing water is getting higher.

Also, I got chemical burns from cleaning the freezer with bleach last week. (I know, I should have used gloves.) They're almost healed, but the resulting calluses on my fingertips make it hard to appreciate fiber.

Maybe I should stay out of the kitchen.


Tuesday I saw a sleep specialist, something I probably should have done ten years ago.

I've never slept like a normal person, but when I was in college, it got a lot worse. I never seem to feel rested, I toss, turn, kick and moan in my sleep, and sometimes my breathing is shallow and rapid.

The doctor suspects Periodic Limb Movement Disorder. From what I've read, it looks like it can be treated with medication.

A week from tonight I'll be doing a sleep study, where they hook me up to all sorts of machines and monitor my sleep.

I'm anxious to get the results. There's a strong possibly that they'll find something that can be fixed with medication or some other relatively simple treatment.

Taco Xpress

Maria's Taco Express

I've lived in Austin most of my life, but until last night I hadn't eaten at Maria's Taco Xpress. They're known for their good food and the giant statue of Maria with outstretched arms. I went with my sister, Katie, and her boyfriend, Aaron.

Eating at Taco Express

(The tacos were messy, but good.)

I think I'm going to eat my leftover taco after I finish blogging.

All my Taco Xpress pictures are here.

Parting Shot

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After much questioning, I'm finally confident that I got the decreases right on the One Day Beret for my friend Lyndsey. Here she is modeling it. It should be finished tonight or tomorrow.


SpinalCat said...

My husband says I make weird slurpy noises in my sleep. Last night he woke me up to tell me I was making noises like a cat puking. On the plus side, I (almost) never wake up screaming anymore since I quit the SSRIs. "Vivid dreams," my ass!

VincentVega818 said...

This is like the best picture of you ever! I can't stop looking at it!!