Friday, January 9, 2009

Things that cut into my yarn budget: More medical stuff for me and the bunny

A while back I mentioned that the bunny would need her teeth trimmed soon. Well, yesterday I got a call from the vet's office confirming my appointment for today. I vaguely remembered scheduling it for January, but I didn't remember the day. I had to make last minute arrangements to take Bunny Foo-Foo to Mom and Dad's house. Dad took her in first thing this morning, and she's resting comfortably at Mom and Dad's house tonight. (We decided to wait a day before making her ride in the car all the way back to my house. She hates riding in the car.)

When I made the appointment, I was thinking that I would have recovered financially from the holidays by that point. I was wrong. (I made the appointment before I went to the hospital.)

Speaking of the hospital, I mentioned here that they had found a nodule on my thyroid. After much back and forth with my doctor and the hospital, I finally got the results of the ultrasound of my neck that they did at the hospital. And the results were that they need more tests.

I thought we'd know the results based on the ultrasound. But all the ultrasound showed was that there was a 1.4 centimeter nodule. It wasn't someone else's finger on the cat scan or a Junior Mint.

So now I have to see an endocrinologist, who will more than likely do a needle biopsy of the nodule. At least my FSA rolled over, but I've still met my maximum out of pocket. Yay?

The good news is that they still think that it's nothing.

And speaking of medical stuff...

Stab Wound

I managed to stab my self with a pair of scissors last night. And it hurt a lot.

I was trying to close a pair of folding scissors like these, and something slipped. I managed to stab myself just below the thumb on both hands. It didn't break the skin on the left hand, but it bruised both sides. This is my right hand 24 hours later. There was actually a bump last night, but it's gone now. It still hurts, though.

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Tonight I finished one of Jules' Gloves and started the other. These things are huge! The good news is that one of my coworkers tried it on in the break room, and it fit him. So it's possible that they'll actually fit Jules.


Cobbalicious said...

I made a pair of gloves for my fella, and they looked positively goofy on my hands. But then he tried them on, and he was so excited to actually get a pair of gloves that fit his hands. I think Jules will be thrilled.

Ceci said...

Glove looks great! I hate gloves with all same-length fingers. Ypur crockpot (and its treasures) make jealous. And mouthwatery.

O.T. said...

If nodule is cystic it can be aspirated fo biopsy, then PEI treament can be used to shrink the cyst