Saturday, December 6, 2008

Things that cut into my yarn budget: Bunny Nose and Bunny Teeth

Bunny Foo-Foo

In August, I took Bunny Foo-Foo to the vet for "poopy butt". Before Thanksgiving, I had to take her back to the vet because her respiratory came back.

According to the vet, she's lost about half a kilogram since I took this picture. Dad is convinced she's starving, but the vet said she is at a healthy weight. Now she can hop up on the coffee table again. I discovered this a couple of days before I took the picture above. I walked in from the bedroom, and she stared it me with the guiltiest look. I wish I had a camera at that moment.

After talking with the vet, I decided doing a nasal culture was worth the money. I'd be throwing money away if I gave her the same antibiotic and it came back yet again. The culture cost about $90. The whole visit cost about $160.

I'm really happy with Westgate Pet and Bird Clinic. They have lots of experience with rabbits, and they're open on Saturday.

I took her the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and the vet said they'd probably have the results on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. When they didn't call before 5 p.m. on Wednesday, I assumed I'd have to wait until after the holiday.

But the vet called me at 9:30 Wednesday night, after getting out of surgery for the day, to tell me the results. I was very impressed. And Thursday, I found a voicemail from early that morning. They had left the antibiotic with an ice pack on the back door. (I didn't get the medication until Friday because I didn't get the message until late Thursday night.)

It turns out that I made the right call on the culture. She didn't have Pasteurella after all. She has Klebsiella. (I'm not sure if I got the name right.)

The antibiotics were only another $20. The bad news is that she needs her teeth trimmed. I scheduled an appointment for that in January. It's going to cost about $250, since they will put her to sleep for the procedure. The price includes a blood test, which is recommended for older rabbits. They explained all the costs to me in detail, and they make sense.

If you're keeping track, that's about $430 in vet expenses. I may be able to get vet insurance, but it won't cover pre-existing conditions. *Sigh*

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