Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Things that cut into my yarn budget: Out of Network Doctors (and a new WIP)

Yesterday I got the first bill from my hospital stay. This bill wasn't even from the hospital. It was from the doctors who treated me while I was at the hospital. That means this wasn't included in my original estimate from the insurance lady at the hospital.

After insurance, I owed the doctors' $244 and change. I called in and asked about the charges. It turns out there was roughly $200 denied by my insurance because the doctors were out of network and not pre-approved. Apparently I was supposed to get a doctor pre-approved before I went to the ER.

So I called the insurance company. The "customer advocate" said she would put it through as in network because I was admitted as an emergency.

A few minutes later, she came back announced proudly that they were going to pay about $27 more on the claim. Yipee. She suggested that I call the doctor's office and ask for a write off.

Someone call Michael Moore.

I know I already posted this clip, but listen for the lady talking about pre-authorizing the ambulance. It's a similar situation.

WIP: Tychus

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Sunday night I started Tychus for a belated Christmas gift. This picture is where I was when I went to bed Sunday night.

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This is where I was last night before bed. I have two of the five sections complete.

I used the Cascade Greenland that I bought at Wildfiber. It's thick enough that I only need one strand. So far,so good.

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