Saturday, June 14, 2008

Yarn (Store) Pr0n: Wildfiber

I owe Jules, because he was really understanding when I planned stops at two yarn shops into my trip to California. One of them didn't pan out, (more on that later) but that left me with more yarn budget for this one.

Wildfiber is located in Santa Monica. I'm kicking myself for not getting a broader shot inside the store, but nothing beats the panoramic picture on the store's website.

This is Natasha, and she's the owner. She was really helpful and patient with my picture taking.

This was one of the first yarns to catch my eye. It's Paca Peds HT (Heel and Toe) from The Alpaca Yarn Company. It's a yummy blend of Alpaca, Superwash Wool and Nylon. The directions say it can be machine washed on delicate in a lingerie bag.

The "HT" includes 25 grams of yarn for the heel and toe. I'm trying to figure out where it's hidden in the hank. Or was it separate and I didn't buy any? I didn't see the HT on the label until I got home.

Also, I didn't get the colorway I was holding here. I got Caribbean Chocolate, a color Jules pointed out.

Here's one I'd never seen person either. Natasha said it was really popular in the shop. It's Sock Hop Yarn by Crown Mountain Farms, a superwash merino handspun. I only got one skein in Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. I think I might make Chapeau Marnier with it, but I haven't decided for sure.

(Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. How cool is that. I didn't even notice the name until I came home. The names of the colorways are all from songs.)

They also had Chasing Rainbows, which I think is affiliated with Crown Mountain Farms.

I was really excited about this find. This is Cascade Greenland, an Aran weight superwash merino. I had no idea such a thing existed. I think it's new. I was the first to stash it on Ravelry.

I think I may have found my yarn for the Susie Hoodie. I can't wait to swatch it.

Here's another one that was new to me. This is Noro Silk Garden Chunky. I didn't know Silk Garden came in chunky.

Wildfiber has the biggest selection of purse handles and straps that I've seen in one place. I bought some purse handles for my Mom. They also have buttons.

Lots of buttons. There's even more than what I posted here.

They had a nice selection of roving too. I managed to abstain. I think most of this is merino.

Are you ready for the best part?

It's the great wall of Koigu. Mostly KPPPM with a little Kersti in there.

I've been looking for the opportunity to pick from a good Koigu selection ever since I bought Knits from a Painter's Palette (or as I call it, "The Koigu Book.")

After I took this picture, I think they put even more out. (Apparently there were one or two pegs empty.)

Natasha explained how she manages to get so much. Koigu is such a small operation that there is a waiting list to become a vendor. Once you become vendor, there is a limit to how many colorways they'll send you. The longer you're a vendor, the more colors you can get and the more choices you are given. It's the only way they can keep with demand. Wildfiber has been a Koigu vendor for a long time, so they have a great selection.

Natasha was really patient with me as I tried to pick out colors. She even put them up for me when I was done. She said she didn't mind because it was an excuse to play with the Koigu.

Here are my final selections.

I picked four for a mitered square scarf in the Koigu book, two for the Chevron Scarf from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts and two of the same color for socks, handwarmers or something of that nature.

Natasha recommended some of the splotchy colors like the one I picked up. She said it looks unimpressive in the skein, but fabulous knit up. I remember seeing socks in a similar colorway, so I went for it.

There were several Koigu samples. The tag on this pattern says it's a modification of the Children's Neckdown Cardigan from Knitting Pure and Simple.

This is the Daydreams Stroller Blanket from the Koigu Book. Natasha knit it. She said she made lots of modifications because there were errors in the pattern. Looks good to me.

This shot of sample shawls in the sunlight was too good not to post.

Here is my final purchase:
You can go here to mouse over the yarns for more information.

There are more yarn pictures where these came from. All my pictures from Wildfiber are here. You can also see it as a slideshows. (Click in the middle if you want to read the captions.)


Genuine said...

What shameless yarn porn! (Wipes brow) Wow. That looks like one amazing store. If I'm ever in that part of the country...

le Gustruc said...

I love your store, I wish you could open one here in Montreal...