Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thrifted, Gifted and Made Spring Cleaning Swap

In my rush to get packed and ready to head to California, I almost forgot that I had a package waiting for me in the front office.

I just got my package from Judy for the Thrifted, Gifted and Made Spring Cleaning Swap. This was the perfect swap for me because I'm poor trying to save money and declutter.

Here's what it looked like unpacked. As you can see, I made a pretty good haul.

Judy crocheted me this bag, which will be great for small projects.

She even lined it.

I also got some cool stitch markers that she made. (Too bad I couldn't get a better picture.)

This is Online Linie 118 Vision in Color 0101. I think this is the find I'm most excited about.

I'm taking this with me to California. In case I run out of knitting or get stuck, I'll having something to work on. In case of emergency, knit scarf.

Somebody saw number 76.

It all came with a nifty little card.

Thanks Judy. Everything is awesome. I just hope my partner has a use for all my crap likes the treasures I sent her.

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Judy B said...

Glad you like your package and will be able to use everything.If you do make a scarf please post a picture.