Sunday, June 15, 2008

FO: Emergency Back Up Scarf

Yesterday I went to the World Wide Knit in Public Day after party at Gauge. Having left my Wickerware Socks at work, I brought Kiri with me. However, I had technical difficulties with the shawl, so it had to go to time out. (I'll have more about WWKIP Day and the shawl later.)

Fortunately, I still had my emergency scarf supplies with me from my swap partner.

I used my US size 9 plastic needles, cast on 12 stitches and went for it. The picture above is of the scarf in progress.

The yarn is a mystery. The label says "Time 4 Crafts Knitting Essentials Knitting Yarn." It's 100% polyester and hand wash or dry clean only. It was made in China and was imported by Canasia Toys and Gifts Inc. I used two 50 gram balls.

And that's all the label says. There is no colorway, dyelot, gauge or yardage indicated, and the yarn isn't listed in Ravelry. The yardage must have been low, because I managed to get it done before I left Gauge. It's kind of on the short side.

I'm glad I brought the yarn with me. I was desperate to knit something, and I managed to stashbust. I need to make a point of always carrying supplies for garter stitch scarves with me.

This one goes in the craft show bin with all the rest. Maybe you'll see it again at the next Fiber Friends Festival.

There's nothing like a project that you can finish in one sitting.

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