Sunday, June 1, 2008

June Gift List

Cross posted at Sally Comes Unraveled and Year Long Gift-A-Long.

I made very little progress in May, but I feel a breakthrough coming on.

May Wrap Up:

1. Gift Item: A lace shawl. This is my large project for the second quarter challenge. (Rollover)
Progress: I actually did some useful swatches. I'm going to post more details later.

2. Gift Item: Finish Boogie Time (2 of them) (Rollover)
Progress: I'm still stuck. I still need a watch face that works for a boy.

3. Gift Item: Rainbow Socks (Rollover)
Progress: I finally found the sock!

4. Gift Item: Jen's Purse (secret knitting - Rollover)
Progress: I bought the yarn, now I need to knit it.

5. Gift Item: Dad's Topo Chico Cozy (Mystery Knitting/Felting)
Progress: finished.

June Gift List:

1. Gift Item: A lace shawl. I'm really going to finish it! (Rollover - Again)
Recipient: Grandma
Occasion: Christmas
Deadline: June 2008, for the Second Quarter Challenge.

2. Gift Item: Finish Boogie Time (2 of them) (Rollover - Again)
Recipient: Family Friends
Occasion: last Christmas
Deadline: Overdue

3. Gift Item: finish my sister's socks (rollover - Again)
Recipient: Sister
Occasion: Birthday
Deadline: Overdue

4. Gift Item: Jen's Purse
Recipient: Friend
Occasion: Birthday
Deadline: Overdue

5. Gift Item: Socks
Recipient: Male Relative
Occasion: Christmas
Deadline: Let's say December 18, to give me enough time to mail it.

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