Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm ready for my close up...

I'm officially one of 1,000.

Franklin Habit was at the Knitting Nest taking pictures for the 1000 Knitters Project on Saturday. The store was packed and people came from out of town. I was worried I would have to camp outside, (I even brought my own chair) but fortunately things went fairly quickly and there was still room in the air condition.

Basically, Franklin is taking picture of 1,000 knitters, all knitting a row on the same scarf. Before it was my turn, I heard Franklin say you could do any stitch pattern, as long as you ended up with the same number of stitches. I decided to be fancy and twist all my stitches, but it was taking too much concentration. So I switched back to regular knitting. I actually knit my row fast enough that Franklin asked for another row so he could take more pictures. I was proud.

Franklin takes the pictures as if the knitter is sitting across from him, talking to him while they knit. He asked me how I learned, and I told him the story about how I picked up my Mom's knitting around age 4 and tried to knit. (In case you're tuning in late, knitting finally "stuck" around age 9.)

Here is Elizabeth getting her picture taken. She wore her Drops cardigan, so Franklin talked to her about her FO and which buttons she should use.

Here's the man of the hour. Dig the earrings. (I can't explain the name tag, though.)

Franklin graced the wall with his drawing of himself and Dolores the sheep. He did some more wall art after I left.

(BTW - Franklin has a book of cartoons coming out this fall.)

I'm still waiting to here who won the door prizes. I think the most coveted were these skeins of Malabrigo Sock Yarn. It's not even on the market yet. (Look closely. The tags say "test color.")

Gary and Amy are too cute. (That's Stephanie in the background. She took a million pictures as well.)

All of my pictures from Saturday are here. I also took pictures of some of the new items for sale at the shop, including sock yarn, knitting needles and stitch markers.

It was an exciting day. Poor Hank was worn out.

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Suna said...

Great pictures, Sally!