Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy (Fiscal) New Year

If you thought yesterday was cool, check out what I got today.

My team met its revenue goal for the fiscal year. Our client rewarded us by giving everyone on the team an 8 GB Zune.

And we all got to leave to work two hours early.

And we're having lunch from Pappadeaux's on Monday.

Of course, it's not all fun and games. Next week I'm going to a different assignment with a different supervisor. It's sort of part of my recent promotion. Also, the entire company is rolling out new software on Monday, so that should be...interesting.

For now, I'm finding out more about my Zune. However, I haven't taken it out of the wrapper yet because there's one little hitch.

Zunes are made by Microsoft. I'm using an iBook G4.

Officially Zunes are not Mac compatible, but a few people have found ways around that. However, Mac users are saying "Who cares when I can buy an iPod."

So if my techie friends can't help me, I may sell it on eBay. Even if I only get half of retail value that's a lot of yarn I can buy money I can put in savings.

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