Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I took u a picchur, but I eated it

I was going to have pictures of Clapotis tonight, but I can't find the camera cable. So, you'll have to wait until later. For now, you can haz cheezburger.

more cat pictures

I found out today at work I got a promotion. Sort of. It's more of a certification. Basically, they will periodically take me off my current team for special projects. (During those projects, I'll make a little more money.) So it was a good day.

It's only a couple of weeks until I go to California. I had only planned to make A Major Knitwork the only yarn shop on my trip (for Jules' sake), but when I found out about Wildfiber, I had to make it two. I've heard they have an entire wall of Koigu. So it's two yarn shops. That's it. (And I'm saving my money up.)

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