Sunday, May 4, 2008

Early FO: The Floppy Horse Family

Meet the Floppy Horse Family. They have Floppy Horse Syndrome, a bone disease that makes it hard for them to stand up. So they decided to lie down for this picture.

Here's the Daddy Horse:

The Mommy Horse:

And the Baby Horse, who seems to have the most severe form of Floppy Horse Syndrome. His neck is twisted all the way around:

The Floppy Horse Family is another creation I knit in the third grade. The pattern is from The Workshop Book of Knitting by Ursula Von Wartburg. The horse pattern was a lot of fun. The horse is knit in one flat piece that was folded up and sewn together. There was a lot of stitches on stitch holders and casting on extra stitches. I remember how accomplished I felt knitting something so advanced.

Like most of my projects from this era, I think I used acrylic yarn from my Mom's stash and US size 9 Boye aluminum straights like these. I really like the tweedy yarn I used for the Daddy Horse. It seems like it came from somewhere besides my Mom's stash. Or maybe she frogged an old project. I'm not sure.

It's really a shame The Workshop Book of Knitting is out of print. Fortunately, Mom still has her copy (I think.)


BerkeleyBecca said...

Very cute! Are they a gift, or just a fun project?

BerkeleyBecca said...

Ohhh, they're history. Sorry, I was reading in reverse chronological order.