Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm Plying!

It's time to pull out the Niddy Noddy again, which now has several layers of yarn on it. I finished spinning my merino from Yarnivore the other day, and yesterday I started to ply.

Here is Mom helping me get the indigo single off the Niddy Noddy. Actually, she's posing for the camera here, but it is a really good picture and I wanted to post it. (That's her spinning wheel in the background.)

Here is a close up of the periwinkle single as I wound it. I talked about using a Lazy Kate, but Mom's was full, so I just rolled them into balls.

Here are the two singles, ready to go.

It seems like I read somewhere that you can just ply yarn by letting the two plies untwist around each other. I think this can still work, but Mom suggested using the drop spindle. I think it was a better choice for the merino, since it has less twist.

(I kept having to look at the clock to make sure I was spinning counter clockwise.)

Mom explained the concept of "balance." A balanced yarn won't kink up like it is here. However, we both agreed that this yarn looks better "unbalanced." The balanced yarn was too loose.

Here is what I have so far. The problem is that all four ounces won't fit on the drop spindle. I think I'll just take the yarn off the drop spindle and keep plying with a ball of yarn sitting under it.

I still can't get over the fact that I'm actually making yarn!

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SpinalCat said...

Yup. It can be tough to make yourself put enough twist in the singles for a non-limp plied yarn. :)
It helps to periodically stop and let the singles ply back on themselves as a little preview of what the balanced ply twist will look like. Also, technically you have to wait until your skein is washed before deciding it's not balanced. Washing will re-activate the twist in the singles, assuming your singles sat around for a while before plying. I would guess that your yarn will still be unbalanced, though. If your swatch does end up biasing, there's some neat things you can do with that. This website is my bible on twist in plying.