Monday, May 26, 2008

Day One

Today was officially day one of my list for the 101 goals in 1,001 days project, and I think I'm off to a good start. (You can see my full list here.

I sketched out some ideas for number 1 and number 39, I read a book I checked out from the library about eBay for number 10 and for number 62, I asked about tough yarns on Ravelry to get an ideas for yarns for the Susie Hoodie in More Big Girl Knits. (Although I may still decide to pick something more luxurious and be more gentle with it.) I realized number 62, knit the Susie Hoodie, will work nicely with number 60, sew a zipper into a sweater. I don't think the original hoodie has a zipper, but I want one on mine.

The big one was working on number 7, organizing and decluttering my apartment. I rearranged the closet so I could fit some more stuff in it. I put my board games on my shelves and put my Christmas decorations in the closet. I even broke out the vacuum cleaner I got for Christmas. It works great. Too bad I didn't have it when I had more carpeting.

I also finished my Clapotis this evening. Pictures to come tomorrow.

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