Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Toughest Yarn?

I plan to do some more research on my own, but I wanted to start with other people's opinions.

What's the toughest yarn out there?

I'm not just talking about what's machine washable. I'd like to knit a cardigan that can:
1. End up under the wheels of my chair at work.
2. Stay wadded up on the floor of my car.
3. Get wet in the rain.
4. Act as a pillow on a plane.
5. Stand in for a picnic blanket at the park.
6. Be a toy and/or blanket for the bunny.
7. Be stepped on by me.
8. Have food spilled on it.
9. Go through the washing machine without any special treatment.
...and still be OK.

I'll even settle for stuff that has to be hand washed if it can hold up to everything else I listed. (Although I doubt something that isn't machine washable would be that tough.)

I'm hoping to also fine a yarn that's "nice." I put nice in quotes because different people have different ideas of nice. I'm not too picky, but I don't want Red Heart.

Leave your comments and let me know. I'm especially interested if you have an FO in the yarn and can speak from experience.


Cobbalicious said...

Ah! I identify with your method of sweater-treatment. :)

My cardigan out of SWTC Gianna has held up pretty well, and I drop it on the floor a lot. Cascade 220 is supposed to be durable, too. But neither of those will go thru a washing machine...

Anonymous said...

Ever notice how I treat that silk shawl? I've got most of your list knocked out. (Why yes, it has been attacked by a dog!) It's also handy as an extra blanket when I'm traveling.