Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Early FO: Needle Wallet

In my efforts to declutter, I've been taking pictures of some of my crap stuff before I get rid of it. It's about holding onto the memory and not the stuff.

But not everything I took pictures of was thrown away. A couple of weeks ago I uncovered the first of what will probably be many items I made when I first learn how to knit in elementary school.

This is a needle wallet I made in my early knitting years, probably third or fourth grade.

I learned to knit from my Mom and The Workshop Book of Knitting. I was surprised to find it on Amazon. I think it's been out of print for ages. I knit many of the patterns in that book, including this one.

This is acrylic yarn from my Mom's stash. The exact brand and colorway has been lost to the ages. I'm pretty sure I used US size 9 Boye aluminum straights like these, because I used those on just about everything back then. (In fact, I'm pretty sure they were gold.)

Believe or not, back then my knitting was very tight, and I knit English. When I picked it back up later on, I loosened up and switched (unknowingly at the time) to Continental.

Some things did stay the same, however. I still love my aluminum Boye needles, and while I love natural fibers, I'm not afraid of some acrylic yarn.

I see I used a crochet chain for the ties here. I'm surprised, because the book has a tutorial on a twisted cord that was incorporated into some of the patterns. I was into the twisted cord thing for a while, but I must have switched to the chain at this point.

I didn't do the best sewing job with the inside, but it's still functional. (I found it with needles inside.) I probably end up using it.

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