Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ravelry Party at the Knitting Nest

When Jules was here, I wasn't going to go to any yarn shops. But The Knitting Nest had their Ravelry party while he was here. There was a sale and a party. So I kept it short, and Jules was very sweet and patient. Here he is in front of the famous wall of Cascade.

Speaking of Cascade, I bought some. I also got the skein of Aslan Trends Guanaco on the right. (Ironically, it is a wool/alpaca blend that contains no Guanaco fiber.)

Jules has been hinting that he wants me to knit him some gloves. I decided this was a good chance for him to pick out some yarn for the gloves. I figured this would keep him busy, but in less than five minutes he came back with the Guanaco. I told him the gauge would be a little big for gloves, and they would be hand wash only. He said that was fine. This was the color he wanted. Apparently he doesn't know the time and fondling effort that you're supposed to put in when you shop for yarn.

I think I exercised some restraint. They had new shades of Hill Country Yarns Instant Gratification Sock Yarn. I was tempted to buy some, especially the pink and brown colorways. But I didn't.

There were a couple of local Etsy people selling their wares at the party. Here are the stitch markers from Entrelac. That is Ana herself in the upper left corner.

I also met Robincat, who was there spinning her yarn.

I was tempted to buy some of her yarn, but I had to show some restraint. (I did buy some stitch markers, though.) Besides, I already have a skein of her yarn in my stash.

There are a couple more pictures of the party, as well as other pictures from Jules' visit on Flickr.

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