Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fun with Priorities

I was surfing around and discovered The Prioritizer this evening. It was designed for prioritizing your expenses, but really it can be used to prioritize any list of 15 items or less.

I've been looking for something else to cast on. So I put in 15 pattern I could start tonight, and decided to see which one I wanted to do the most. Here were my results:

1. Mabel's Scarf 100
2. Clapotis 86.9
3. Wavy 84.5
4. Pro Bono 79.8
5. Rainy Day Scarf 77.4
6. Calorimetry 64.3
7. Scrunchable Scarf 57.1
8. Knitted Bunny 50
9. Entwined 42.9
10. tie Binary Cable Hat 30.4
Drop Stitch Scarf
13. Coronet 14.3
14. Spirogyra 7.1
15. Palette 0

Of course, afterwards I realize Mabel's Scarf costs money to download. While I'm sure someday I will download it, tonight. I will go for the free option. I'm finally going to knit my Clapotis.

I hope the Knit-A-Long is still open.

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