Thursday, April 17, 2008

FO: Another Fun Fur Scarf

Tonight was movie night at Gauge. Somewhere along the way, I heard the movie was Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. It turned out to be Harold and Maude, which was a very different movie. But it was a movie I wanted to see anyway, so it was all good. (BTW - If you've seen the movie, what does the ending mean?)

I also got to finish another fun fur scarf while I watched the movie. Yes, the scarf is just like this one. It's a good thing I cleaned my mirror, because two Poncho Pig shots would have been confusing.

Like the first scarf, this scarf was knit using two skeins of Lion Brand Fun Fur Stripes in "Mexicana" and US size 9 plastic needles. It's basic garter stitch. This time I cast on 18 stitches. (Or at least that's how many I ended up with.)

I cut it very close. I barely had enough yarn to finishing binding off. I probably should of unraveled a row, but I didn't.

Normally I just let self-striping yarn do it's thing. This time I did a little more screwing with the stripes than I normally would. The specific stripe pattern is pretty noticeable, and since both the scarves are going to my friend's grand kids, I didn't want to screw up the stripes on one scarf and not the other. I clipped off some of the red at the beginning of the second skein, then reattached it at the end to preserve the pattern. I had to rewind the second skien anyway, so I knew where in the stripe pattern the skein would begin and end.

More details and tips for knitting with fun fur are in last blog entry.

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