Saturday, April 26, 2008


I did it again. After spending my Saturday sorting my stuff out at the storage unit, eating dinner with my parents and catching up on things, I left my knitting bag at my family's house in South Austin.

This is the knitting bag that has pretty much all of my current projects.


I guess I'll be spinning until I head south Monday for The Knitting Nest.

In other news...

... my tax refund came in today. Naturally, I was thrilled because this means I can go to the dentist and have the last of my cavities filled. (Wait a minute...)

I've been thinking about my finances and goals a lot recently. I'm enjoying The Simple Dollar. I'm contemplating the piece on how much money it takes to "walk away from it all." At the very least, I want to someday have "cold career change" money.

Also, this article from The Consumerist finally helped me understand the whole rice rationing thing. It's all about restaurants. (BTW - I am one of those people who is eating out less.)

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