Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Grocery Ennui

I toyed with calling this entry "Grocery Rage," but that's not really accurate. But neither is "Grocery Ennui." I think it should really be "Grocery Irritation," but that's not a very good title.

You can see by my freezer that I just came from HEB. I wish I had a bigger freezer. I'd buy more frozen pizza. I'd buy more frozen everything. Somehow it always fits. (And I just took out a frozen pizza to eat for dinner, so I have a little more room now.)

Frozen food is good.

A lot of non-knitters comment that they don't have the patience to knit. I don't have the patience not to knit. And spending two hours driving to HEB, shopping, comparison shopping, standing in line, loading my car, driving home, waiting for the gate to my apartment to come unstuck and putting away the groceries is something that really tries my patience sometimes. I actually should have gone this weekend. I'm trying to go once every two weeks after I get paid, and not eat out. Of course, that much shopping takes more time.

I noticed a couple of things on my shopping trip.

First, I think long trips to the grocery store bring out the worst in kids. I think I saw everything from crying babies to an older boy, probably 13 or 14, who insisted on punching the food in the pasta aisle. (I was especially annoyed when he punched the spaghetti I was about to pick up.)

Next, is Tuesday night the night before they restock the shelves or something? They seemed to be out of everything.

We got a new vending machine at work. In this machine are the tempting but expensive Oreo Cakesters. I've been wanting one, but a package of 3 costs one dollar. I promised myself if I skipped the vending machine, I'd buy some cheaper at HEB.

But once I made it to the cookie isle, there were no cakesters to be found. At least no Oreo Cakesters. There were "Nilla Cakesters" that I did end up buying. They look good, but not as good as the Oreos.

Also, when I was younger, my Dad would occasionally quiz me on which product was less expensive per unit (per ounce, per serving, etc.) When I gave him the answer, he would ask how I got it, and I would point to the unit price on the label and say "It's right here."

Back then, I don't remember the unit price on the labels being so screwed up. One brand of toilet paper lists the unit price per sheet, another lists it per roll. I even found a unit price for Q-Tips that was zero cents. Seriously.

At least I have my pizza, but that brings up another issue.

This isn't a self cleaning oven, is it?

I'm renting, so it's not like I have a manual for this thing. Wouldn't there be a button for it? I think the smoke alarm keeps going off because there is burnt cheese from previous frozen pizzas. I guess I'll have to do it the old fashioned way. The way that will probably try my patience.

Or I can just get used to the smoke alarm.


kasiaiscarly said...

unfortunately, your dial would have a 'clean' setting if it were self cleaning :( mr clean magic erasers work like a dream on an oven (says the girl with a self cleaning oven that is broken).

Anonymous said...

Buy some oven cleaner and learn how to use it. Your neighbors will be less likely to contemplate homicide.

Best of luck with your continued cooking adventures!