Tuesday, May 27, 2008

FO: Clapotis

Cross posted at Sally Comes Unraveled and Second Wave Clapotis KAL.

It's done!

I finished my Clapotis last night while I was at my parent's house for a little Memorial Day barbecue. I even had enough time left for a goofy photo shoot in a clashing shirt before I left.

As I said before I used US size 4 needles from my Boye Needlemaster and SWTC Oasis in "Purplexed." The yarn is much better in this project than it was that weird lacy poncho I was knitting before I frogged it.

I'm not planning to block it. It seems to lie pretty flat on its own, except for the corners. I should have measured it while it was laid out. I know it's a little longer and more narrow than the original (I think), but it works.

I'm debating how to actually wear this. I have some time to decide. It's way too hot for scarves, wraps or anything warm right now.

For the parting shot, the classic shawl pose. Not quite the same with this project than a more traditional lace shawl.

I am no longer a Clapotis virgin.


Mom said...

Nice pictures.

Cobbalicious said...

Nice color you chose. Perhaps I, too, will abandon my puritan ways and make a Clapotis for the first time. ;)

Kim U said...

Looks great! The clapotis is like potato chips though - you can't knit just one :)