Saturday, May 3, 2008

Early FOs: Slipper Edition

Today I unearthed even more of my early knitting and crochet as we were going through storage. I'm breaking up the projects into several blog entries. I'm starting with the slippers I found.

I know, right?

I think I crocheted both pairs of slippers in the sixth grade. The pattern came from on of the many pattern pamphlets I got at local craft stores. There was a basic slipper pattern and a whole bunch of variations on it. Both were crocheted holding two strands of acrylic yarn together.

These are the Bunny Slippers, obviously. These are pretty close to the original pattern. The fringe took a lot of time. Pulling the plies apart was especially time consuming.

I went a little off the pattern on this one. These are my Mom and Dad Slippers. The one with glasses is my Mom. The one with the mustache is my Dad. I'm pretty sure these were made from Caron Simply Soft, but I'm not positive.

I know I wore both pairs a few times, but obviously they didn't get a lot of heavy use. (And don't worry, I'm not getting rid of these.)

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