Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Early FOs: Two Crocheted Belts.

Are you getting tired of my early FOs? I'm not. I find them endlessly amusing.

But if you are sick of them, don't worry, this is the last entry on them. At least until I find more in storage.

Here are two belts I crocheted. I'm not sure when. I think these were crocheted in elementary school, not middle school.

Attractive, I know. The only way this belt fit was by sucking in my stomach a little and putting it around the smallest part of my waist. (Which happens to be very high on my torso.)

It's crocheted out of some sort of cotton. It's a very simple single crochet pattern.

This belt is different. And smaller. It's not actually buttoned here. I'm holding it around my waist. Also, I used acrylic, not cotton.

I got this pattern out of a library book. I have no idea which one. I think it was an older, "experimental" crochet book with lots of unusual patterns. The library had a couple of those. I learned several variations on single crochet while crocheting this belt.

And of course, there's the awesome little pouch. It looks like it could hold a cell phone, which is ironic because this belt was made way before cell phones. (Or at least well before they would fit in a pouch this small.)

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