Friday, May 9, 2008

How not to open a jar and other bits and pieces

It's Friday. I just got paid. My tummy's full of frozen pizza. I went for a swim this evening. It's time for a little of everything.

I keep questioning this cooking thing. The smoke alarm went off again, and the pizza wasn't even burnt. (It was a little dark, but definitely not burnt. I ate the whole thing.) I struggled to remember how I did it before. I should note here that I put books on the chair, and pushed from behind the thingy that comes out of the ceiling.

Here's another issue I had with cooking earlier this week...

How To Open a Difficult Jar

Get a dishcloth, hold on really tight and turn.


Run the lid under hot water.


Wedge something under the edge of the lid to relieve pressure.


Try them all again.

Attack it with a pocket knife and bottle opener, make a hole big enough for the olives in your black olive and caper spaghetti sauce to come out and pour it out before the spaghetti gets cold.


I wonder where I can get the pattern...

I was looking at some Unforgettable Faces last night and found this guy crocheting on a subway. (Ironically, you can't see his face.) I like his outfit. I wonder if his closet is full of crocheted clothes.


There is a contest over at One Scheme of Happiness. I wonder if I can win another Schrodinger Cube. (Be sure to tell them Large Marge Sally Comes Unraveled sent you.)

I'm not ashamed

From this site:
Many of us own collections that we're too ashamed to discuss in public, whether it's vintage porn, yarn or commemorative Burger King glasses.
Who's ashamed of their yarn collection now? Now that I'm saving money, I'm thankful that I have nice yarn saved up for a rainy day, because it's raining now. (More food for thought here.)

Don't Take I-35 This Weekend

Seriously. And of course the detour they recommend will probably clog up the exit I take all the time.

Clapotis Update

I started dropping stitches. Check it out.

Extreme close up!

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SpinalCat said...

Get State Farm insurance and get a free grippy-thingie to open jars with. :)
It also works for unscrewing needle tips that you accidently screwed on too tight!