Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Shopping List: California

I made a shopping list for the San Antonio yarn crawl, and now I'm making one for my trip to California. it's one of the more pleasant things on my to do list before I leave.

I know there's all sorts of yarn shops to see out there. I've narrowed it down to two that are in pretty convenient locations. A Major Knitwork is Jules' LYS. (Well, it would be if he knit. It's the one closest to him.) We'll also be in Santa Monica all day Saturday, near Wildfiber. I've been saving my pennies and forgoing other sales so I could do some stash acquisition on my trip.

Like before, this isn't an exact list. I don't intend to get yarn for every project listed. It's things to keep in mind as I shop, so my stash will match my knitting plans.

You'll notice my list is similar to the last one. I'll probably print this out and take it with me.

Shopping List
-4 Skeins of Koigu Painter's Palette Premium Merino Yarn KPPPM in coordinating colors. I want to make a scarf from Knits from a Painter's Palette

-Keep an eye out for Socks That Rock. I can't find it in Austin.

-Speaking of socks, I need superwash sock yarn for gifts. I also need smaller gauge sock yarn for the socks in New Pathways for Sock Knitters

-Striping yarn. Think long stripes for entrelac, striped scarves and stranding.

-Yarn for stranding/fair isle in general.

-Anything hard to find at home.

Yarn for specific projects:

-Center Square - 223 yards of two colors - 16.5 stitches per 4 inches
-Fake Isle Hat - about 110 yards of each color - 5 stitches per inch
-Pecan Pie Beret - 110 yds of each color - Aran weight
-Juno Regina - about 1,100 - lace weight
-Three Tams - about 220 yard per color - 5 stitches per inch
-Bloody Stupid Johnson - 250 yards - 6 stitches per inch
-Susie Hoodie - swatching amount - 17 stitches per four inches

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