Thursday, June 5, 2008

Closed for Blogcation

I packed my suitcase.

I packed my knitting bag with two projects for the trip, one emergency back up scarf, a copy of TSA's rules for flying with knitting projects, a padded envelope and postage just in case they give me trouble and all my notions.

I cast on a pair of Wickerware Socks.

I also finally cast on Kiri. Although the final vote was for the alpaca/acrylic stuff on size 4 (at least it was as I write this), I couldn't resist the lace weight. Look how nice it looks all wound up:

Of course, this is serious lace weight. But I think I'm up for it. And I've packed material for life lines.

I'm not actually leaving until early Friday morning. However, I'll be rushing around tomorrow night and going to parents to drop off Bunny Foo-Foo. I'm planning to spend the night so I can get a ride to the airport. So this will be my last post until I return, with pictures of me and Jules and the local yarn shops in LA. I may be back late Monday night, but chances are you won't hear form me until Tuesday or Wednesday next week.


The Holistic Knitter said...

Hope you have a great vacation Sally. Enjoy yourself!
Thanks for the tip about a knitting loom. Once the stitches are removed I'll try it ;0)

Anonymous said...

Have a safe and wonderful trip!
Sandra Singh