Thursday, December 4, 2008

Plying the Cookie Monster Yarn

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This yarn has been all about the Om Nom since the beginning. My sister saw the singles I wound, and she was the one who said they looked like little Om Noms. (See them sans Om Noms here.)

An alligator eats my Cookie Monster Yarn!

Even an alligator got in on the Om Noms.

Thanksgiving Day I plied the Cookie Monster Yarn. It looks like it's going ok here, but plying was not easy. Just like when I wound the singles, I ran into a lot of tangles and breaks.

(Sorry about the sideways movie.)

The Cookie Monster Yarn Gets Tangled

Here is one of the tangles. (Yes, that's the UT vs A&M game in the background. Everyone else is watching while I ply in the kitchen.)

There's another picture of a tangle here.

Cookie Monster Yarn

Here is the yarn all plied and on the bobbin. It doesn't look like much, but I think it went pretty far for just one ounce.

Cookie Monster Yarn

Overall, there weren't too many inconsistencies.

Cookie Monster Yarn

Here is the almost finished yarn, although. It's about 104 yards of Merino/Tencel. I haven't measured the Wraps Per Inch yet, but I'm guessing it's lace weight, maybe light fingering. And it still reminds me of Cookie Monster. (Maybe Cookie Monster with braids?)

All I need to do now is set it.

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