Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sally Hungry!

A post-hospital meal

Tomorrow morning I have an appointment with my family doctor to follow up on my hospital stay. I'm hoping I'll be clear to eat more foods. I'm feeling up to eating more food, but I'm scared. The day I left the hospital I had scrambled egg substitute with breakfast, grilled chicken breast for lunch and pudding to help get down an especially large pill. I think I got over confident, and I got sick right before it was time to leave. The nurse thought it was the milk in the pudding that did me in.

So I'm a little gun-shy after all that, but I'm dying for something more substantial than applesauce, Jell-o, Cream of Wheat, Soup, pretzels and other "stomach flu" type foods. Last night I was starving, so I went to HEB to pick up something else. The store was full of good food that I couldn't eat. I'd love some egg nog. Instead I got egg whites, soy milk, spaghetti sauce that's just a notch above ketchup, turkey breast and some non-fat, non-dairy, what's in there anyway squeeze butter. I figured the "butter" or the spaghetti sauce could go on pasta.

Last night's dinner is pictured above. It's turkey breast, fat free saltines, honey mustard and ginger ale. I stuck the turkey in the microwave and ate it with a fork so it seemed more like a real meal.

Lyndsey came over and brought a brownie. I ate it in two sittings. And this morning I ate a cookie from a coworker. So far, so good.

Tonight I went to Souper Salad with Mom and Dad. I had some fresh pineapple and kiwi, vegetable beef soup in a bread bowl, cornbread, ginger bread and blueberry muffin bread (1 piece of each.) So far, so good.

There's some good news on the financial front. It looks like Aflac will pay out about $1,200 for my hospital stay. That dramatically reduces the amount that will come out of my pocket.

Jules arrives tomorrow night. I haven't had time to do much with the holiday blog fodder I have gotten. I'm going to do the best I can to post a little here and there for the next couple of weeks, but posting will be light for a while.

Happy Holidays!

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BerkeleyBecca said...

I've been feeling sorry for myself because my cold is depriving me of my sense of smell and the energy to bake holiday goodies, but your post makes me grateful that I can still eat!
I hope you recover quickly so you can enjoy the holidays fully.