Friday, January 2, 2009

Holiday Pictures

I woke up a little while ago and couldn't go back to sleep. This seems like as good a time as any to share the holiday pictures on my Flickr page.

Blowing out the candles

The Friday before Christmas was the day after Jules arrived. I celebrated my birthday and Christmas with my family and some of our friends. That was the night I got my new spinning wheel. You can see all the pictures of that party here.

Jules and the Pinata

The next day was my actual birthday, and I celebrated with some friends at one of their houses. (It's out in Cedar Creek, and they call it "The Ponderosa.") Yes, we had a pinata. We also had muffin pizzas with eyes. See all the pictures of my birthday party here.

Lighting the candles on <span class=

Sunday night was a birthday party for a couple of our friends. Together, they are 59. See all the pictures here.

Me, Jules, <span class=

The day before Christmas Eve, my friends and I made it to Austin's Trail of Lights and the Zilker Park Christmas Tree. See all the pictures here.

Christma Eve at Mom and Dad's house

Christmas Eve we all gathered at Mom and Dad's house. See all the pictures here.

We all must have been really good, because Santa came on Christmas morning. (BTW - Those giant bags have new pillows in them.) See all the Christmas morning pictures here.

Later and the day we stuffed ourselves at a family friend's house. (Except for Jules, everyone in the video above used to be neighbors. Two families have moved to other neighborhoods, but we still keep in touch after all these years.) See all the pictures here.

me, Megan, E-J and Chrissy

Finally, last Saturday was my 10-year class reunion. See all of those pictures here.

And if you want to see all my holiday pictures in one place, including a few didn't quite fit in other sets, you can go here.

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