Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dinner on Oprah

One day on the bus in high school, some guy tried to convince me, and everyone else around him, that Kentucky Fried Chicken was genetically engineering chickens so they had six legs. (Legs are the most popular piece, after all.) That's why they started calling it "KFC" instead of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Legally, they were no longer serving chicken, but some sort of chicken.

But I digress...

I saw the first part of yesterday's Oprah last night, enough to find out about her deal with KFC to give everyone in America a free meal. You can download coupons for free two-piece grilled chicken meal here.

I managed to forget about the deal until coupons started circulating at work. The coupons say not photocopies, but how do you tell if a coupon is a photocopy when it's been printed out from the internet?

So I snagged a couple of coupons and after work Jules and I headed over to our local Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner.

There's been word of riots in some places. We didn't see any of that. We did have to wait about half an hour for a meal, and they had run out of white meat by the time we got there. (We were reminded of this by the staff members yelling "no white meat" at each other.) The staff was understandably stressed. Jules and I were glad we didn't work at KFC.

I'd been skipping a lot of the free meals being offered in the last few months because of the long lines. I think KFC got it right by issuing coupons and giving everyone more than one day. It was busy, but not too crazy.

But even if the chicken (or mutant) is grilled, you have to wonder what Oprah was thinking.

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Anonymous said...

Ewwww....scary, genetically engineered chicken!!!Make me grateful that I am a vegetarian,lol...