Thursday, May 14, 2009

Things that cut into my yarn budget: Gym Membership


Today I was fed up with feeling tired and depressed. Summer is always been hard on me. So I decided to join a gym. (That's my new gym card on the key ring.)

Joining today was a spur of the moment decision, but really I've been meaning to join since January. I even bought shorts, socks and sports bras months ago. But I kept putting off actually joining. Today a lot of things just built up, and I decided I didn't want to put off feeling better anymore.

I managed to find my shorts, socks and sports bras, but I forgot to bring a water bottle. I ended up spending $2 at the gym before my workout. At least I can refill the bottle.

Back in high school I had a gym membership, and I went almost everyday, so I knew what I was doing. I started slow with 20 minutes at 2 miles an hour on the treadmill. I also tried out some of the other cardio machines before I stretched and took a shower.

I forgot my towel, so I ended up using the free t-shirt I got that doesn't fit.

I did feel better afterward, although the feeling faded quickly. I'm hoping those endorphins build up over time. It will be interesting to see what happens because my fitness goals do not involve weight loss or, well, fitness. Only feeling better.

I joined Planet Fitness mostly because it's cheap. $29 initiation fee, $29 annual fee and $10. It's a no frills gym, but it will work for me.

Planet Fitness's big thing is that they're the "Judgement Free Zone." They even had a "Lunk Alarm" among all the purple and yellow. Supposedly it goes off if someone is being a lunk. (Grunting, dropping weights and/or judging people, according to the sign.)

I wonder if it really works. And who has the button.

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