Sunday, November 11, 2007

FO: Jules' Birthday Card

When I lived in Florida, we didn't get Comedy Central, so VH1 ended up being my default channel of choice. On one of their many shows about the 1980s, they talked about the overuse of synthesizers and electronic music during that era. One of the commentators mentioned that new technology is often overused at first. And then there is backlash.

I think this is the case for most eyelash and novelty yarns. It was new. It was overused. Now everyone hates it. But I think it has it's place. Not entire garments, but stuffed animals, novelties, a moderate amount on more whimsical kids clothes and maybe the occasional furry scarf.

I think this is an example of good use for eyelash yarn. I keep it around for occasions like this. Somewhere along the way I got the idea to crochet part of Jules' birthday card. This is Red Heart Sport I got on sale at Hobby Lobby, along with the Walmart "No Boundaries" brand of metallic eyelash yarn I bought on sale after Christmas.

I plan to do this again, but I need to perfect the pattern so the triangle is less wonky. The crochet adds needed bulk that you don't get in knitting, and doesn't curl very much.

I did this one the morning before getting Jules' gift in the mail. It was the main reason why his gift was so late. (It's also why I took the picture in the car.) I attached the party hat with rolled up clear duct tape. (Something like this would have been better, but I couldn't find any.)

Of course, after all that work, I forgot how to spell birthday. *smacks forehead*

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Cobbalicious said...

What a clever card! I agree about novelty yarn: use wisely and sparingly.

Hope to make the next Meetup!