Tuesday, November 13, 2007

...try, try again...

I love Cast On's knitting merit badges but I feel bad about using this one. Yes, I'm disappointed that the Knitty submissions I turned in back in September were rejected, but I don't have anything against Amy Singer. She gave me some very good feedback, and she doesn't deserve the finger. But I still think I deserve something, and a merit badge will do nicely.

Amy actually suggested self-publication, which is something I was actually considering. In the meantime, I'm trying MagKnits. I feel good about these patterns. I've submitted to MagKnits before, but never a got response. I think I sent it to the wrong e-mail. At any rate, I think it's time to try again.

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Needles said...

Oh, and I was kind of looking forward to seeing some of your things in there. But self publication is a great idea too.

Thanks for the link to the other site. I hadn't found that one yet.