Sunday, November 4, 2007


Last year, I participated in Nanowrimo, where you write a novel in a month. During that time, I went from unemployed to employed part time. And I felt like I had a novel in me.

This year, I have a full time job and several other commitments, plus I am preparing for a very special visitor in December. I need to clean my apartment (I moved in May, but it looks like I just moved last week.) And I don't have a novel in me. But I have a lot of knitting in me. So this year, I am doing NaKniSweMo. Except I'm doing it my way. My goal is not to knit a sweater in a month, but to knit my "mission critical" Christmas gifts in a month.

I have already completed a hat, a novelty and a scarf (although technically it's not FO because it's not blocked yet.) By the end of November I need to knit (or crochet):

-Four pairs of socks
-One pair of fingerless gloves
-Three hats
-1 scarf
-either 2 more scarves or two novelties (I haven't decided yet. It will probably depend on time.)

If I can squeeze it in, I also need to do another pair of socks and a tea cozy.

And no, this is not all my Christmas knitting. There is more that, I have decided, just won't be on time.

Some of these projects I will post. Some I won't. It depends on the recipient. I'm currently working on one of these right now.

Wish me luck!

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