Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Do you remember when I considered this Feza Kid Mohair for the Stash and Burn One Skein Contest? Well, I found a use for it. I traded it off.

Tonight there was a Ravelry party at The Knitting Nest, which included a one skein swap. This is what I ended up with:

I think I've mentioned Ana and her Stitch Markers before. She also spins. Her sister was at the event and snagged a skein of Ana's handspun. She normally doesn't sell it, but she often gives it away.

The tag says "Wool Blend," but doesn't say what it's blended with. It also says "Navajo Plied" and I'm not sure what that means. It's 16 wraps per inch, 2 ounces and 215 yarns.

I call it an upgrade. We did the swap "Dirty Santa" style, and I stole it from someone. I was glad I got to keep it.

The good news is that Stacy, the store owner, got my Kid Mohair, and was happy with it. It's good to know it found a good home.

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Ceci said...

Hi, Sally!

The blend is merino. ramboulliet, mohair (LOL! -- 5% maybe?) and maybe a few others. The tag was lost "eons ago" according to Ana.

Navajo Ply is a chained 3-ply made from a single strand rather than stranding together 3 different bobbins. It makes a firmer, smoother texture and less of a barber-pole effect to the plies. Hope that makes sense. :)