Saturday, November 17, 2007


From Amy Singer (of Knitty fame):

Hi, Sally!
This one almost made it in. You're so close! We just ran out of room this issue...

Wait... that pattern was the one that almost made the cut?

The afterthought pattern? The one I'd knit months ago, and submitted to MagKnits with no response whatsoever. (To their credit, I think something must have happened to cause them not to get my submission. Wrong e-mail address? Spam filter? There has to be some reasonable explanation.) The one I whipped up a quick pattern for, took some crappy pictures of (after borrowing one of my "models" during the photo shoot for one of my serious submissions.) The one that got baffled looks from my family.

I got this e-mail this morning. When Amy replied on my other two and not this one, I don't know, I just assumed it had been rejected too. Not deemed worthy of an answer. Maybe it wasn't visible to the human eye, which was why MagKnits never responded.

Maybe if I had put more effort into it, maybe that pattern would have been the slam dunk?

*slaps forehead*

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